Saturday, September 11, 2010


Here are some pics of my complete tower... I changed a few things around but for the better

The last picture is a overhead look over the city using the platform,  None of the city is my creation.

Progress on mage tower

This is the mage tower I had been working on...  Once I finish it I will add an waterfall that would flow from the top of the tower into the bottom floor, there would be a layer of glass so you can walk over it from the entrance.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Starting from scratch...

Minecraft has been updated and I lost all my items, however the new version has persister built-in (that means for now on I won't love them).  I decided to use this moment to change servers and had to give up on my tree village.  I found a new server and have been making a mage tower for the main city.  I'll show pics when I get back home from work.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Left out info from last post

I have been building the landscape for quite a while. What I would do is collect tons of dirt, wood, and seeds.  I ended up putting dirt on top of trees then putting seeds in the same dirt.  The end result would create a massive tree effect and create spacing between the two trees so that one could place buildings.

I have been growing this for the past two days but albeit in a slow pace

August 9 Treecity progress

I recently started making a treecity for minecraft... So far I am making a glass tower with a dock and a entrance point for the city...   Check it out